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Rising Star Award Winner 2020, 21, 22
by Westchester Magazine, featured in Forbes + Fortune magazines


Gold Award Winner 2021
Top 25% of more than 1,045
Houlihan Lawrence Sales Associates


The Business Council of Westchester
Names Laura Lulgjuraj as a New Executive Member

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I am a visionary, I am strategic, and I am authentic. I grew up in a family where contractors, builders, and developers were all around me all the time – that gives me an edge and helps me see a house and envision it in ways that others can’t. With one look, I am keenly aware of what makes a house special. I pick up on that vibe in a matter of seconds.


I center all of my marketing efforts around that distinct, stand-out feature. And, I love it when my clients contribute to the process – that just solidifies our partnership. I always listen to my clients’ ideas, intertwine them with mine, and create a detailed and strategic game plan that begins and ends with what that house has to offer. I know how important it is to market a property in different ways to different buyers and sellers. I see the big picture, and I don’t miss a beat.


I am my own person and what you see is what you get. Every time. I’ve always been the hardest worker in the room, and I’m never satisfied standing still. I know that everything has an expiration date, things can always be better, and I never stop thinking about the next move and how to stay out in front.


That’s what sets me apart, and it’s the secret to my success. Consider this your invitation to share in that vision and success.

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Visionary. Strategic. Authentic.

For Laura Lulgjuraj, being raised in a family of builders and developers can mean only one thing: “I grew up in dust!” But, more importantly, it also means “I was always watching a house go up, and I learned, at a very early age, to love real estate.” Laura spent a lot of her time watching her family work on different properties, as she grew up in Michigan, allowing her a bird’s eye view into how a house becomes a home. “I love showing my clients a home’s true potential and helping them to envision themselves in the space.”


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When you grow up among contractors and builders, a job site is your playground and a fixer upper looks like a vacation. More than a career, real estate and design are my life’s passion, and I’m so lucky that my husband Tommy shares that with me. Together, we rebuilt our first home in Westchester, and although the process is never easy (okay, it was a bit stressful at times!), we don’t regret a minute and would gladly do it all over again. We probably will someday. For me, the chance to breathe new life into a property is deeply rewarding and incredibly motivating. It’s almost like therapy! It gets my creative juices flowing off the charts, it recharges my batteries, and it sets the tone for a good day. Every. Single. Day.

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